Loan Participation Services

Experience, Technology, Service

GSG’s loan participation team is comprised of professionals with years of experience in commercial lending, capital markets transactions, and loan participations. We can assist whether you are looking to sell or buy loan participations or whole loans. We have built an efficient process and technology platform that provides the tools to ensure that buyers and sellers can complete a successful transaction. We are sensitive to the changing markets and regulatory environment and work with expert legal professionals to also add an extra layer of protection to both buyers and sellers. We have facilitated loan participations for credit unions since 2010. To date, GSG has facilitated over 120 participations in many unique asset classes.

Loan Types

Member Business Loans in the following areas:

  • Commercial Real Estate;
  • Term loans to finance expansion and equipment acquisition;
  • Health Care lending;
  • Energy lending;
  • Franchise lending.
Consumer Loans in the following areas:

  • Residential Real Estate pools;
  • Indirect Auto pools.

Sample Loan Offerings

You can view a sample loan participation offering or sign-up to receive our loan offerings.

Press Releases

Denver CUSOs reach $1 Billion Milestone in Participations Sold – Jan 2017

High Quality Assets

GSG is known for providing access to high quality loans and/or pools including Member Business Loans, consumer loans and  real estate loans. We work with loan sellers of all sizes and across the United States. Please contact us if your CU or CUSO has a unique interest in a particular asset class. If you are interested in selling new loans or part of your seasoned portfolio, we can assist you with finding the right buyer to deliver the liquidity and ALM strategies you require.  Whatever your unique situation, we would love to talk with you.

Network of Buyers

Over our ten + years of history, GSG has developed strong relationships with many high quality credit unions, CUSOs and other financial institutions that are interested in buying participations. Our buyers recognize GSG for its knowledge, process and service. Our buyers are interested in MBLs and consumer loans.  We also work with banks, savings banks, broker/dealers, REITs and other types of buyers. Leverage our relationships and contact us today.

Efficient Process

With our expertise and years of lending experience  within GSG’s loan participation team, we can make the loan participation process seamless and efficient. Our team works for both the buyer and seller to lead the loan sale process,  from identifying quality assets for sale; to identifying suitable buyers; assisting with underwriting and due diligence of the seller, servicer and asset; coordinating the evaluation of closing documents; coordinating funding; and supporting the administration of the participation after closing. GSG will also maintain contact with all the parties involved to insure that any questions which arise post-closing  are promptly handled to everyone’s satisfaction. The additional service provided by GSG results in our loan participation buyers and sellers choosing to use GSG over and over for their loan participation transactions.

Secure Data Sharing

GSG uses sophisticated technology to allow our buyers and sellers to securely share their sensitive data and files.. Our system is secure and web-based to allow easy access and sharing of data regardless of the location of the buyer and seller. Each of our clients receives access to a unique web library. This system is offered to GSG’s clients at no additional cost to them.